May Offering...

“And ‘tis my faith that every flower enjoys the air it breathes.”
~~William Wordsworth~~

Antique Silk Sampler: Hannah Thompson 1847

Charming mid-19th century sampler worked with silk threads by 12 year old Hannah Thompson. The top half of the sampler is filled with alphabets, numbers, and a variety of horizontal bands.  Hannah filled the lower half of her sampler with floral motifs, fir trees, birds, crowns, a tiny windmill and a little miss wearing a skirt and a black hat.  Her name, age, and the date are worked in the center.  Click on any of the images for a larger view.

Hannah’s pretty palette consists of green, ivory, yellow, tan, black, brown, and a cheerful bit of red. There are several holes – a small one beneath the capital X in the second row of alphabet, one in the far upper right corner, and two in the central portion where Hannah worked her name (click on photos below to see larger view).


The sampler is stitched to a piece of muslin, which effectively hides the holes and the whole thing is then stitched to a piece of cardboard with clear thread.  The edges of the muslin on the back of the piece of cardboard are held down with adhesive, but it appears they could be easily removed. The adhesive is on the backside of the cardboard only - there is no adhesive on the sampler, nor on the muslin directly underneath the sampler.  The sampler could be easily removed from all the backing materials, but I will leave it as is since it is ready to frame in its current state. 

Overall measurements are 9.25”w x 12.75”h.

Hannah Thompson Sampler ~ $179.00 includes shipping within the U.S. ~ Sold ~ thank you kindly!

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