November Offerings...

"Let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!"
~~Henry Ward Beecher~~

Old Wood & Wire Ornaments

Tiny little signs made of old wood and a bit of wire. Each measures between 2.5” – 3” long.  Sweet tucked in an old wood bowl filled with grass and tiny pumpkins! You get all 5 signs you see here.

Old Wood & Wire Ornaments ~ $28.00 includes free shipping in the U.S.

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Antique Sampler: Elizabeth Ellis 1815
 Please click on images for a larger view.



Charming early 19th century sampler worked with silk threads. The top section bears the stitcher’s name, age, and the year as well as the words “My God My father and My frend (Elizabeth misspelled this word) do not forsake in the end”. A row of initials is underneath.  In the top right hand corner is a fruit basket and the letters LLGRA.  The central portion is filled with wonderful motifs including a casket with the initials GR (for the king) and a crown above it, a house, folky stars, trees, florals, a ship, and a stag and doe. The bottom bears a large tree of life with Adam and Eve on either side and more initials beneath.

The lovely, soft palette consists primarily of blues, browns, and cream.  There is an area of damage to the linen on the top right which can be seen in the photos.  There are a few mends with black thread near the doe and the bottom right corner. Much prettier in person!  Please click on images for a larger view.

This sampler measures 12”w x 17”h and has not been reproduced.

Elizabeth Ellis Sampler ~ $345.00 includes shipping in the U.S. ~ Sold ~ thank you kindly!

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Until next month, my friends, I wish you a blessed and happy November…